Pricing website only allows registered users from schools that have purchased the
Career Launch license to view and download the Career Launch Curriculum.

Please email BARB for pricing:

Career Launch Curriculum

Schools implementing the CAREER LAUNCH CURRICULUM sign a non-transferable right to use, implement and incorporate in their school and/or school district with the understanding that other schools must purchase their own Career Launch Usage License with a personalized school password.


After paying for an unlimited duration subscription to use the Online Career Launch Curriculum, school administrators are given a CAREER LAUNCH PASSWORD that allows their staff, students and parents to access the CAREER LAUNCH CURRICULUM online at
School administrators that successfully refer other schools to sign up for Career Launch do not pay an annual or monthly service fee.

Optional Expenses

Career Launch Add-Ons  
Staff Training  
Student Leadership Training
Print-ready Resources
Monthly Service Fee
IMPACT Children's Books
Career Launch Shirts