Career Launch Quarterly Connections

The Our Place Community Center Training Team schedules Career Launch Zoom Meetings each quarter for all interested individuals utilizing the Online Career Launch Curriculum.

Special email communications featuring a designated Zoom Meeting Link and Agenda are sent out 3-4 weeks prior to the Career Launch virtual meeting. Interested Career Launch users are asked to RSVP to Barb the week prior to the scheduled Zoom Meeting.

Examples of Quarterly Agenda Topics will include discussions on Career Launch:

•  Implementation  
•  Career Video Topics  
•  Curriculum Editing  
•  Student Leader Programs
•  Career Portfolios
•  Career Events
•  Parent Tool Kits
•  Teacher Action Plans
•  Parent Meetings

Career Launch curriculum licensed users can email EDIT IDEAS anytime - see CONTACT PAGE. The first quarterly CAREER LAUNCH PARTNER ZOOM MEETING will begin in January, 2021.

Career Launch Staff Trainings

The Career Launch Training Team is offering 3 types of staff trainings for school utilizing the Career Launch Curriculum and online Career Launch website.

Training to engage school staff in learning how to use the Career Launch Curriculum. Agenda Focus: Interactive, New Resources, Critical Thinking, Goal-Oriented, Participant Approved Training Goals, Trainings personalized to meet needs  

1 ORIENTATION TRAINING - Schools staff can choose to receive training before or after beginning the Career Launch program. School leaders may decide on having the training prior to initiating Career Launch OR some schools prefer to form Career Launch Committees / Action Teams that focus on implementation prior to having a staff training.  

Training Time:  3 hours

2 ADVANCED TRAINING - Most often school staff implement advanced training at the end of their first year of the Career Launch Program.  During advanced training, school leaders have the opportunity to discuss in detail an assessment of first year Career Launch successes and challenges.  

Training Time:  5 hours

3 STUDENT MENTOR TRAINING - Schools that prioritize student leadership programs understand the benefits of creating a school where everyone belongs and students and staff are not afraid to ask for help.  Student mentor programs most often result in creating school climates that are safe and students understand that caring people are available in their school for problem solving, decision making support and academic mentoring.

Training Time:  4 hours

School administrators interested in On-site Career Launch Training, please email Barb for more information: