Career Launch Team

Strong Commitment to Career Development and School Action Planning

Under the direction of the Our Place Community Center-Imagination Factory Children’s Museum Board of Directors, the Career Launch Leadership is doing amazing work on implementing career development and student leadership training workshops, writing curriculum, publishing children’s books, developing interactive websites and producing education videos. Much appreciation to this talented and experienced professional team:

Career Launch Implementation

Program Excellence

CAREER LAUNCH  is a comprehensive career development program designed for students in grades K-12.  Career Launch provides students with valuable information on career awareness and career preparation for lifelong learning and success in future careers.

CAREER LAUNCH  is a curriculum that teaches students about employability and the ever-changing world of work.  Economic and health challenges have resulted in new obstacles in developing career plans.  An impact on career interests and career education is the rapid developing technology and the expanding global economy.  
American employers still have high expectations for well-prepared, motivated employees who have strong academic skills in mathematics, communications and science.  In high demand are workers who possess soft skills; such as, a good work ethic, teamwork, problem solving, critical thinking, technological literacy and a desire for continued learning.  No longer can students graduate from high schools, colleges or universities and be assured of adequate employment unless they have the necessary knowledge and skills to meet an employer’s needs.

CAREER LAUNCH  is a curriculum that promotes children learning about career awareness and life plans starting in elementary school. The earlier a career is identified and accepted, more time can be given to career exploration and career planning.  Young adults who are in satisfying careers have a better chance to become productive, successful and healthy members of society.  When Career Launch is available for students in Kindergarten to Grade 12, more time can be given for students to become critical thinkers who take control of future life challenges.

CAREER LAUNCH  is a curriculum that was originated and written from instructional strategies and career development guidelines created by the Michigan Career Development Model. The Nathan Hale High School (West Allis, WI) Career Academy Curriculum, authored by school counselor Barb Reisner and supervised by the Career Academy Committee, also provided implementation ideas. In 1991, Nathan Hale H.S. won the U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. Army Planning For Life Award and was recognized nationally for student career planning excellence.

Almost twenty years later, Barb moved to Iron Mountain, Michigan where she developed and implemented a new comprehensive career development program called Career Launch.  Over the past three years, Iron Mountain Public Schools in Michigan piloted the Career Launch curriculum.  Career Launch was initiated at Iron Mountain High School by student leaders.  In 2020, Career Launch the following curriculum sections were added: (1) Parent Career Conversation Tool Kits; (2) Teacher Career Action Plans; (3) Michigan’s Career Development Model alignment; (4) Student Mentor Programs; and (5) Parent Meeting Model.

CAREER LAUNCH curriculum is under the copyright of Our Place Community Center.  Our Place Community Center in Iron Mountain, Michigan has experienced trainers and educators who provide school trainings and career events primarily focused on career development, leadership development and diploma endorsements.

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